Heidi Naumowicz LCSW LLC

Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Organizational Consultation

Serving teens through seniors


Heidi provides in person therapy and virtual sessions, which are also known as telehealth and teletherapy.  Your vitual sessions are conducted via a secure and HIPAA compliant service to protect your confidentiality.  You can connect to Heidi via any device that has a camera and microphone (eg, desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone).  Contact Heidi for more information or if you have questions.  All teletherapy sessions are prescheduled, just as if we were meeting in person.  Most insurance companies and third party payors now reimburse for telehealth, and some plans cover your cost sharing (etc. deductibles, copays, coinsurance) for telehealth, so for some this is a great option. You may even decide to switch from an inperson appointment to a telehealth appointment due to illness or quarantine.  For more tips on having a successful session on your device, click here

To Begin Your Session:

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